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Sharks have wronged us for the LAST TIME

By @2HitAdam

Music "Air Sharks" by CC BY 3.0

The year is 2014, the place: Western Australia. Shark attacks are at an all time high, with 2.3 DEATHS OCCURRING YEARLY. Only one hope remains for the human race to survive this onslaught... we take the FIGHT TO THE SHARKS. Kill EVERY LAST ONE, for the SAFETY OF AUSTRALIA!


...but actually, this game was made in satirical protest of the murder of these innocent beasts. In three months of culling, 50 sharks have been destroyed at a cost of $1 million estimated taxpayer dollars. Drum lines with baited hooks have been placed along the coastline, and any shark over 3m metres found snagged is shot. Smaller sharks are tagged then released back into the wild, presumably so they can grow big enough to shoot later.

It's madness. I'm more at risk crossing the road just going to the beach than I am of being attacked in the water.

If you agree with me that going into an animal's natural habitat, luring it onto a hook and plugging it with bullets is an inhumane, environmentally irresponsible and just plain crazy thing to do, then please sign this petition and help spread the word! <3

Below is a video explaining the process in detail and this is an article on the policy from a shark photographer, great read.

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