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Fatal Theory - Press Kit

Developer: 2 Hit Studio
based in Wollongong, Australia
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Original Windows release date: 01/04/2014

Steam re-release date (includes Mac OSX, Linux ports, big update): 14/09/2016

Platforms: Windows. Mac OSX + Linux launching 14/09/2016

Stores:, Steam launching 14/09/2016


Regular price: $4.99 USD


Fatal Theory is nostalgic beat-em-up action with a fresh twist of ENDLESS AERIAL RAVE COMBOS and a killer illustrated story. Exercise your carnage muscle by smashing through huge hordes of unlovable fiends and take your crummy city back from the forces of hell!

You play as Nick Mayhem (nothing subtle), who's found himself in the middle of an undead invasion led by the forces of hell. Instead of seeking shelter, he's seen an opportunity to take his baseball bat out for a swing! Soon you'll find yourself facing down against the top ranked demon generals with a sarcastic talking chainsaw-sword for a sidekick in a bid to save your unbeloved city from destruction. Why take on such a grueling task? To be the hero? Get the girl? Nope... you're doing it to show the world you’re not just some punk-ass kid!

The gameplay is a beat-em-up that controls like a Street Fighter/Guilty Gear game. We said goodbye to the cumbersome z-axis movement of old beat-em-ups, so you can focus on huge button-combination special attacks, long combo chains and lots of sweet aerial manoeuvres. Story mode paces combat with illustrated story segments full of weird and colourful characters, with a plot that plays out with all the convoluted charm of an 80's action B-movie (with as many one-liners too!)


  • Big combos, special attacks, AERIAL RAVES
  • Fully illustrated, darkly humorous story mode
  • Power up! Find new weapons, level them up to unlock devastating new special attacks, and pump up Nick's stats at the shop.
  • Local multiplayer: co-op in arcade mode or duke it out in versus, with gamepad support for 1-2 controllers.
  • Survival mode - destroy all comers, forever!
  • Mod friendly: literally everything in the game can be reskinned.


Fatal Theory is a game crafted with love by two brothers who tried to make a simple 2D fighting game and got completely carried away. Matt coded the entire engine and game from scratch, did the bulk of the character animations, and illustrated the story. Adam wrote the dialogue, filled in the background art with life and detail, did the other portion of character animations and generally spit-shined things. The game has been in on-and-off development and various states of release since 2011, but we're proud to say this is the best version yet.


(download as .mp4)



(download as .zip)

Twitter Optimised Gifs

We've made a batch of gifs of some of the game's special attacks for twitter promotion. Feel free to use them!

Download as zip (~50mb)


Selected articles

  • "...if you come into Fatal Theory expecting a humorous story, a retro art style, and fun button mashing gameplay that all invoke a sweet sense of nostalgia, you’ve come to the right place."
    - Austin Garcia, Twinfinite
  • "As the combat and gameplay goes, this is incredibly fun...when it is finally completed it should be one hell of a good time."
    - Simon Wolfe, Capsule Computers
  • "Fatal Theory by 2Hit Studio is, in the simplest terms - fun... The humour laced throughout Fatal Theory is my favourite mix of dark but cheesy... The controls feel responsive and attacks are satisfying to land... We don't give numerical scores for games here at FairPlay but if we did, Fatal Theory would get a bloody high one."
    - Aaron McArthur , Fair Play Gaming
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