We know that we can't compete on graphics or technology, or by delivering enormous game worlds. We're not here to try. Our objective is only to make games that are bursting with as much heart and soul as possible. We've always loved small games with big personalities and now we're here to make them.

When you play our games, we want you to get to know us better in the process. Be it our signature chaotic action and loose cannon art direction, our absurd and sometimes dark sense of humour, or something else entirely, we want you to know you're in for something special when you fire up a 2 Hit Studio game. Something weird and fearless that only we could make.

The Team

2 Hit Studio is two brothers, Matt and Adam Carr, who grew up playing games together. We bonded over co-op games and settled our differences in versus. We both messed with game development as a hobby in our teens, but somehow never worked together on a game until joining the 2012 Global Game Jam together. We found it so rewarding we decided to start a partnership and try some bigger projects. It's all been downhill from there.

This studio fits into our lives between paid work, loving partners and friends, and in Matt's case, two babies. We call ourselves a studio for lack of a better word, but actually 90% of our dev happens on our train commutes to work or during our lunch breaks. We wish more than anything we could move full time with it, but for now at least it keeps us sane!

Matt Carr Avatar

Matt Carr

Artist, programmer, designer, world builder, "I have this crazy new idea" guy

I'm a digital artist/web developer/indie game dev/code monkey.

What makes developing games interesting to me is the same thing I like about animation. You create a few sketches of a world, a few characters, figure in a plot and suddenly your characters are alive and running around interacting with the world you created for them. If I could give every sketch I've ever drawn a world to live in, I would. Check out my website for art:

Top 5 Games of All Time: Gunstar Heroes, Time Splitters: Future Perfect, Cave Story, Bastion and Vandal Hearts.

Adam Carr Avatar

Adam Carr

Writer, designer, pixel artist, coder, patron saint of bad business choices and romantic self-titles (trademark pending).

Where Matt makes games to bring worlds to life, I make games and write stories to bring moments to life. My interest is in the crucial second-to-second decisions. When I start a game I like to hone straight to the core gameplay loop and tweak it for a million years until it satisfies my stupid high expectations. Only then do I really think hard about the world. I build details up, Matt builds world down! We're a strange yin & yang that way.

My two pet loves are designing the feel and control of movement in games, and animating pixel art particle effects frame by frame. I'm a details guy through and through.

Top 5 Games of All Time: Gunstar Heroes, Spelunky, Armored Core 2, Azure Dreams, Dark Souls.

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