Grant Application Support

Category: Studio Tidbits

Would you be interested in playing a procedurally generated zombie survival game? With online multiplayer and user-generated content that YOU can contribute to?

Because I sure would!

If you answered yes to that question, then we would like to ask for your support. All we need from you is a small portion of your time and a letter, not even any of your hard earned dollars. If that doesn’t sound too out of the way, please read on.



General Purpose Update

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

Been a little slow round here since Supanova, even the tumbleweeds seem to be rolling in slow motion. That was one stressful weekend and we’re having a little time off. Doesn’t mean we’re not working at all though!




Category: New Releases

Click here to download!

PC only (for now).

We’ve been working hard here at 2 Hit Studio to produce the best playable build we could before Supanova, and now it’s ready. Which means we’re at a good place to show off a new demo too! Because if it’s good enough for pop culture expo nerds, it’s good enough for you.



Our stint in prints continues!

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

This time we have the Boss Attack series, collect them all! All art by Matt Carr.



New Prints!

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

Matt’s been hard at art these past couple of weeks, getting prints ready for sale at Supanova this weekend! These should look pretty fetching blown all the way up to A3, don’t you think?



Mission POZIBLE!

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

So first off I have to apologise for not posting any updates in a month — a whole month! Where did that time go! Well, Matt’s started a new full-time job, and I’m in my final session of university, so I guess it just slipped to the wayside. Updates will be more constant from here on out. And don’t worry, I am slapping myself on the wrist as I type (with great difficulty).



Last 20 Hours of Pozible Crowd Funding

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

Hi all,

Ok, last 20 hours of the Pozible crowd funding. So as a special, if you chip in $5 before the end, you can unlock a special character, the Cherry Ghost!

Go check it out! 



We're ALL ABOUT Lists!

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

That’s right. We love to list and list to… love? Well moving on, Matt and I finally got around to meeting to talk about the changes that needed to be made to Fatal Theory post-play testing. We made to-do lists! Here’s what they look like:



What's in the Works

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

So Matt and I still haven’t had the chance to get together to discuss everything on the agenda, but that’s not to say we haven’t been busy!

Here’s a couple of changes we’ve made to Fatal Theory in the last week:



Bits and Pieces Debrief

Category: Event Recaps

To everyone who gave us feedback last night, thank you for helping us shape the future of our game! We’ve collated it all into some very neat lists, and once we’ve had a chat about how we’re going to implement changes we’ll release them in a post here.

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