Starslinger Kings DevLog 01 - Custom Robo building = LOTS of art assets

Category: Starslinger Kings Dev Log

When you're dealing with mechs made up of customisable parts (head, core, legs, arms, shoulder mounted secondary weapon) the way you deal with building and referencing your spritesheets becomes pretty damn important. This article is about coming up against that problem and finding a solution I think is pretty elegant.



2 Hit Studio confirmed for PAXAUS, unveiling a NEW [old] GAME!

Category: New Projects

It’s official! from OCT 31 to NOV 2 later this year, Matt and I are jetting down to Melbourne to exhibit at Australia’s most wicked (statistically proven) expo, which means loads of exposure, getting a huge crowd to play our game, and getting to talk to press up close and personal. It's a huge opportunity for a tiny studio! And we’re got something extra special in store for it...




Category: New Releases

Fatal Theory Poster Art by Matt Carr

Okay, so it’s been a long time since we updated here, we've got a little catching up to do.



BIG Announcement: Fatal Theory takes on Steam Greenlight!

Category: Announcements

So here it is, after all our hard work. Fatal Theory’s all grown up and ready to take on the world, starting with Steam Greenlight. This article is an honest reflection of our experiences there, and how it’s been trying to release our first game in general.



Monday Weekly Update: One week to release!

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

We’ve been so busy lately it’s hard to even know where to start with an update. But the two main things you need to know are that a) we’ve been working round the clock to implement the changes our beta testers wanted to see and b) we’re still gunning it for a February release!



Monday weekly update: Fatal Theory BETA out, feedback in

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

So we've officially sent out our beta off to our awesome group of testers and feedback is coming trickling in!



ANNOUNCEMENT: FATAL THEORY ENTERING CLOSED BETA! Plus release plans and regular updates

Category: New Releases

So we’ve been talking about releasing this bad boy for awhile, saying words like “soon” and “shortly,” but I’d like to announce that we’ve finally set some hard deadlines! The game will enter a closed-beta on the 15th of February, otherwise known as IN FIVE DAYS TIME!



Fatal Theory Update: New Pixel Art Timelapse and a sad sad ghost

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

Here at 2 Hit Studio we don’t play by the rules! We establish a weekly routine of updating on Mondays then BAM! Update on a Tuesday, just to keep you on your toes. We’re a goddamn rollercoaster ride of thrilling unpredictability!



Monday Update: New story art and credit screen

Category: Fatal Theory Dev Log

Ah, it’s good to be back in the office after taking a few days off to relax. I’ve been off doing super boring grant proposals and budgeting lately, trying to secure some funding for the studio, but Matt has been hard at work on the game as ever.

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