Studio Tidbits

I hope everyone is wearing their business socks...

Because it’s BUSINESS TIME here at 2 Hit. With March’s Bits & Pieces event only a week away, we’ve been busy designing business cards, slapping logos on T-shirts and dusting off our social skills in preparation for Fatal Theory’s maiden voyage into the public arena.

We’re hoping to make a bit of splash, hoping to push our names and faces out into the world that right now knows so little about us. This is our chance to say “WE’RE HERE! Watch us because we’re about to do some really cool stuff!” and as long as we keep our nervous drinks tally in the single digits I think we’ll do just fine.

In terms of play testing, Fatal Theory is at a great stage in development to receive and implement feedback. The engine is more or less complete bar some polish (which feedback will assist us with) but the content isn’t nearly complete, meaning this event could well influence what’s to come next. In reality, the timing couldn’t be better. I might even make a survey for play testers to anonymously complete on the night, if I’m feeling really good about it.

More soon.

- Adam

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