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Comic Dash - Times Up!

So the 24 hour comic making dash has come to a close. We thought we'd both share some thoughts on the process...


Well we're out of time and out of scotch. We're sleepy, grumpy, tired, sore but still in good spirits. I managed to get mine done with 13 minutes to spare, so I tried to go back and cleanup the pages so they were more presentable. Yet to fix grammar, as Adam says... 'You fucked grammar' but especially 'You fucked you're!'

Sadly Adam didn't finish, but his story will be more enjoyable and take longer to get through once its done. I think I had an advantage of working purely digital and storyboarding every page before starting on final art. Though the art is fairly inconsistent, I was just happy to get it done.  We'll figure out how to get these comics up here somehow for reading.

PS - Dont start the 24hrs after a full day of doing things. Start when you wake up!


Yeah, I'll write a crime noir story on the fly whilst also illustrating it panel by panel. GOOD IDEA ADAM. I gave up on the idea of inking pretty early on and decided to just try pencil the whole thing out. Although I was trying to work quickly, I also didn't want to compromise on how it looked too much, so in the end I only completed the first 16 pages. And when I say completed, there's still the matter of scanning and editing and adding dialogue... But who cares! I'll get it done, and that's still 16 pages more than I would have drawn this weekend otherwise. Overall I call it a success.

Most of all, it was just a fun thing to attempt. We were fretting and drinking and joking the whole time, so although it broke my body to hunch over drawing all this time (I might need glasses), I'd recommend it to anybody!

P.S. Don't worry, we're not actually out of scotch. There's still the matter of the Glen Fiddich to attend to.

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Slather of Adam's Pages

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And Matt's like 'Whatever, I can't even spell

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