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Would you be interested in playing a procedurally generated zombie survival game? With online multiplayer and user-generated content that YOU can contribute to?

Because I sure would!

If you answered yes to that question, then we would like to ask for your support. All we need from you is a small portion of your time and a letter, not even any of your hard earned dollars. If that doesn’t sound too out of the way, please read on.


What is the project?

From our proposal:

We are planning to build an online multiplayer zombie survival simulation game, set in a city where the art assets for the population and buildings have been produced by a wide community of artists. The idea for the game is that the player will start the game in a random location in a city that itself has been randomly generated, during the outbreak of a zombie virus. The game will simulate the spread of this virus through the inhabitants of the city, and it will be the player’s goal to scavenge through the ensuing chaos for food, weapons and ammunition, medical supplies and so forth.

To generate an interesting city filled with interesting people, we plan to engage and foster a community of artists to contribute the visual content for the game. Artists will then be able to play the game and interact with the art they have created. We aim to make the process simple enough that people without games or artistic backgrounds will be able to get involved, and we aim to teach our skills in art asset creation throughout this project, from software down to basic colour theory. We will encourage our contributors to continue contributing after the game has been released, with the intention of nurturing skilled and interested game artists within our community.

Basically, the idea of a game powered by a creative community excites us, we think that would be neat and it’s something we’re willing to pour a huge amount of time and effort into. Imagine a game you love and imagine if in a few easy steps you could add something new to it, something you would see the next time you played — wouldn’t it be great? In this case, you could if you wanted make a little avatar of yourself (or your friends if you’re malicious) and see them running around as civilians in this city, getting chased down by zombies and even turning into them. Or you can design new buildings for players to explore. You could give this city something it’s missing, your own little record store or bowling alley.

The gameplay itself will be like the survival and online components of Day Z meets the procedurally generated, ever changing goodness of your favourite rogue-like, say Spelunky.

Where do I come in?

All you need to do is write us a letter and sign it (with your mouse in MS Paint if you have no better way) saying that you fully understand our proposal and are interested in contributing content when that option becomes available. No postage necessary either, you can just email it straight to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To make this EVEN EASIER for you, here’s a quick template you can use:

I, (name) of (company if applicable), have read and fully understand the project as proposed by 2 Hit Studio, and am writing to confirm my interest in contributing to the project.

(signature goes here)



That’s all it takes friends! Just slap that into a word document, fill in the blanks and send it on it’s merry way. We will be super thankful to anyone who does this for us, like… will even buy you a drink at the next IGDA event thankful. Yeah, this is that important to us.

If you want to read the full proposal as it currently stands, you can find it here.

- Adam

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