New and Improved Comic Viewer!

Category: Side Projects


Hey all!

So awhile back, say October? We built a comic viewer (it was totally sub-par) to show off our 24 page/hour comic efforts. Well, it lacked alot. For starters, it was all hard coded, had no page preloading or page numbering. But more importantly, it didn't have a sexy admin page to upload whole comics at a time or other such business.



Comic Dash - FE: Flying Wolf + Comic Viewer

Category: Side Projects

Well it's Matt here after the 24hr slug. After finishing up all the scotch and pizza and recovering for half a day, I decided to make a comic viewer. At the moment, it will just have my comic in it - Fates End: Flying Wolf. But once Adam is done, his will appear in this viewer too.

So here it is, enjoy my comic :D



Comic Dash - 6 hrs in

Category: Side Projects

We are dying. I've only penciled the first 2 pages and Matt seems to have his first 2 pages more or less complete. Lucky bastard! We've corked the scotch because at nearly 4am, it's about high time we crashed. Here's some pictures from the workdesk:

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