Concept Art to Game

Episode 1: Concept Art to Game

Watch it here!



I've got the first episode up online now!

Concept Art to Game is a video series tracking the progress of a game from initial concept phases, through to design and eventually code. Each episode is recorded live and then uploaded here. So if you ever wondered how we make games at 2 Hit Studio, this is a way to watch that.

This is first episode runs a little over an hour and is broken into two sections. The first half introduces the series, the type of content to expect and brief about the game world and what concepts/ideas and creations already exist. The second half is a character redesign, so if you're in it to pick up some of my digital painting techniques it starts about 30 mins in.

Next Episode:

The next instalment will go live this coming Sunday at 10pm AEST/5am PST here on my twitch channel:

We'll start concepting the game world and potential ideas on gameplay. Then we'll do a character redesign for the main bad guy, which should be a lot of fun. If you miss it live, catch it here on the 2 Hit Studio website.

For an email update about when we're going live, follow me on twitch and tick the little notifications box. I hope to see you in the stream live chat :D



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