New Projects

2 Hit Studio confirmed for PAXAUS, unveiling a NEW [old] GAME!

It’s official! from OCT 31 to NOV 2 later this year, Matt and I are jetting down to Melbourne to exhibit at Australia’s most wicked (statistically proven) expo, which means loads of exposure, getting a huge crowd to play our game, and getting to talk to press up close and personal. It's a huge opportunity for a tiny studio! And we’re got something extra special in store for it...


That’s right, while Fatal Theory is going through its final updates and ports, I’m going to be working full steam ahead on a Starslinger Kings revamp!

The game is going to be a “Luftrausers meets Metal Slug, bullet-hell with mech customisation” type thing. We’re going for polished arcade action and fun local co-op with this one, a real couch-gaming contender, and if you come to PAXAUS you can try it hands-on!

A few of you might remember the name from the OUYA CREATE competition we entered into last year, when it looked like this...

Well, it’s not going to look anything like that anymore. We’re completely overhauling the entire look and feel of the game, but I’ll talk more about that in future updates.

Prototyping begins immediately, and I’ll be releasing more details and updates as they come, but if you want to know more feel free to drop a comment or hit me up on twitter - @2HitAdam :)

Talk soon wreckers,


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