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Blitz Smash - A Game of Love

Hi lovelies,

Matt here trying to channel as much fire into my hobo gloved covered fingers as possible to write this. Now I'd like to tell you about a small passion project I've worked on to surprise my brother called Blitz Smash and how it's grown in the ways of love.

How It Started


I started Blitz Smash back when we really needed to get a copy of One Heart ready for the SK games store. It was a teaching break of about 2 weeks, but I managed to fit another 2 weeks of Blitz Smash code in around classes. Man I was wrecked. Picture a regular dude, except with a girlfriend and 2yr old baby, with a deadline on a game to build and then in his down time (the times where you should drink something or just play video games till passing out) doing even more code to make a game to surprise his brother. I looked like a mess to be sure.

The good thing was, my brother thought I was just pulling a good effort on One Heart and never suspected a thing. So Blitz Smash had begun. It was a game that had a whole bunch of game influences from our childhood, up to 4 players for couch time co-op times and semi randomed levels to add some re-playability. Its hallmarks of all the games we kinda loved growing up.

When I finally showed him we were, I'd say, a few drinks in and it totally took him by surprise. Victory! I won't go into detail about this, because I filmed his reaction and first play through. Touching moments and some clumsy gaming can be viewed here.


After That Point

Well I kept playing the game with my friend Tony. He's been working on a cool little penguin platformer that harkens back to the Apogee days and we would just meet up for drinks, catch up and play test each others games. God, Tony made sooooo many useful suggestions. I think I've implemented most of them, but he has many of them. Kids got some insight.

So the game was slowly being worked on in the background of all things. But I figured I could extend the love a little further. The game was originally made to surprise my brother, but succeeding that, it needed a new goal.

Meet the New Blitz Heroes

My awesome supporters!

I have a handful of wonderful Patreon supporters who've backed me for a damn long time. They don't seem to have any unreasonable expectations, are very loyal and understanding and just lovely people to boot. Well, it was time I showed them I cared. Cared for all the times I was a bit lacks with my patreon page, or when I updated it waaaay to much to the point of almost spam.

They all live in the new version of Blitz Smash that has been released today :D. I truly hope they dig. In the next version I'll dress up the join screen to give more details on each of the characters so I can dedicate a nice character portrait piece of art to each of them too.

Where Does Blitz Smash Go Now?

Can't say I'm sure. I want this game to keep being developed in the same fashion though. If it can slowly encompass everyone who make my life more awesome, then I'd be exceedingly happy with the little project.

Thanks for listening to my story :D


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