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Okay, so it’s been a long time since we updated here, we've got a little catching up to do.


Things got kind of crazy with the whole launch thing – we were honestly unprepared for how big and stressful an undertaking something like a launch is. It just kind of took on a momentum of its own and we had no choice but to get dragged along by it, trying to get the press on the case and hit every distribution avenue we could.

And then when it was over, we were… tired. More than that, I think. I’ve read in a couple of places about the depression that often follows the release of a game, but only in passing. I wasn’t prepared for it any more than release. And I don’t mean because the game performed poorly, although it kind of did, I mean because you’re working day and night on this one thing, and every day you put more and more of yourself into it and dream about the day it’s done, but when it finally is… it’s not the party we thought it would be. It was more like losing an old friend. Without it there, I felt suddenly aimless, at a loss for things to do. Edmund McMillen called it an empty feeling, said it’s like having this girlfriend one day and the next she’s out there in the world, belonging to everyone else. I guess it kind of was like that. Devs have more intimate relationships with their work than I think most people realise.

Anyway, nothing a little time off can’t heal, and we’ve had enough of that now. Time to get back to work! But first, updates from the weeks of radio silence, coming at you rapid-fire.


First of all, Fatal Theory is currently available from Indie Game Stand for however the hell much you feel like paying for it! Beat the average (which is like, $1.30 right now) and you can score a soundtrack and an unreleased comic, as well as doing your part for charity. Also if you’re one of the top 3 contributors you can score the poster below so don’t hold back!

Fatal Theory Poster Art


I just looked at this website and realised I never actually announced that here, so uh, sorry if you’ve been holding out for that one but it came out like a month ago. Over a thousand people own it! We made a swank new website for it so go check it out ;)


With Seriously, they bundled us with 10 other games and sold the bundles at $1.50 each. We sold almost 300 copies and made all of about $40. Devs reading this, be wary of bundle sales. And never trust anyone who’s motto is “you won’t feel robbed.”

The silver lining is that it was terrific for the Greenlight campaign, and honestly… I’m just glad people are playing the game.


It’s going pretty well! Not well as in like, we’ll sure-fire get on Steam, but more like our hopes haven’t been completely crushed to tiny pieces juuust yet. It has periods of stasis, but then things like bundles and this IGS sale will come along and boost it a bit, or Steam will just let in the top 75 games and that always raises us a good 2%. At the current time, it looks like this:

Greenlight Stats



Well, more of a prototype really, but that doesn’t sound as impressive. I joined the Ludum Dare 29 compo and made a game in under 72 hours on the theme “Beneath the Surface.” I’ll talk more about it later, but for now you can play it online free here.

Game Screenshot


I’m going spend a short time polishing up the Ludum Dare game a bit, then link it to an online petition and try to get some press. It’s a cause I feel strongly about. Then Matt and I get our game faces back on, and it’s time to totally overhaul Starslinger Kings for our next major release, so stay tuned for that!

Til then wreckers!


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