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ANNOUNCEMENT: FATAL THEORY ENTERING CLOSED BETA! Plus release plans and regular updates

So we’ve been talking about releasing this bad boy for awhile, saying words like “soon” and “shortly,” but I’d like to announce that we’ve finally set some hard deadlines! The game will enter a closed-beta on the 15th of February, otherwise known as IN FIVE DAYS TIME!

It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time, and as you can imagine our two man studio is officially in crunch until we cross the finish line. We’ll be handing the game in its near-finished state to a handful of dedicated testers, and based on their feedback and bug reports, will hopefully be unleashing this beast to the greater public by the end of the month.

Note that we’re only testing for PC at the current time, with staggered releases for both Linux and Mac coming in the weeks to follow. We’re still looking for people to test the game, so throw up your hand in the comments if you’re interested in getting your hands dirty!


I’ve been a little quiet about this, because up until recently my plan has been “just wing it,” but the plan I’ve come up with for getting this game out there is a pretty simple one. It goes like this:

  • Start the Steam Greenlight campaign.
  • Release on smaller platforms (Desura,, if possible and any others) and drum up press.
  • Direct traffic from the smaller platforms to the Greenlight page, offering free Steam keys to those who already own the game if they can help us get on it.

And that’s essentially it. There’s a lot of work involved in actually pulling it off, and hell, it could even be for naught when Steam scraps Greenlight, but we can’t plan for the unknown. We’ll do our best with what’s in front of us. And for those wondering: getting on Steam does NOT mean we’ll stop updating the smaller platforms, or update them any slower. I’ve seen many devs pull stunts like that, and I don’t like it. All of our players and supporters are equal in our eyes, so we’ll deliver patches simultaneously or not at all.


And since this is pretty long already, here’s just some snapshots of our progress lately.


When Lilith takes off her eye patch, she means business. Ultra LUCRATIVE business.

Lilith Artwork by Matt


Jamie Pye-Respondek has scored the entirety of Fatal Theory with his cool synth-industrial beats, and this is the latest and last offering from him we’ll see. This track plays during the final fight!



Endings are always the hardest to write, and the original ending to Fatal Theory was lackluster in just about every way imaginable. So I’ve gone back and made changes to about 27 out of 33 scenes, and now it’s shaping up to be a work I’m happy with. Might seem like a lot of reading for a game like this, but Fatal Theory really is a combination of beat ‘em up action and visual novel. Besides, we like story here!

And that’s me spent. Gonna be a tiring few weeks ahead, but it’ll be worth it to see this baby released.

Not long now wreckers!

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