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PC only (for now).

We’ve been working hard here at 2 Hit Studio to produce the best playable build we could before Supanova, and now it’s ready. Which means we’re at a good place to show off a new demo too! Because if it’s good enough for pop culture expo nerds, it’s good enough for you.



  • All gameplay is 2x faster
  • There’s sound effects! But only some, and Matt hasn’t coded a sound manager as yet, so it’s very early days there.
  • Weapons leveling up now unlocks NEW SPECIAL ATTACKS, as opposed to… well, doing nothing like before.
  • Zombies now bite instead of punching (because why even make a game about fighting zombies if they don’t use their teeth?)
  • There’s a big GO> arrow when you clear a screen and getting combos increases your damage counter.
  • Nick Mayhem can no longer fly.
  • Loads of other tiny tweaks in all areas.


You can find a file explaining the control scheme inside the zip file. And if you’re looking to trial these new special attacks, check out the weapon select screen in-game — it has all the combinations you need. Keep in mind you will need to level up your weapons.

Thanks for playing and hit us with any feedback/criticism you want!

- Adam

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