Fatal Theory in a Lazy Guys Bundle!

Want Fatal Theory dirt cheap? Then today's your lucky day, because you can nab it for $2.99 alongside FIFTEEN other games! Putting the gain in bargain. Get it right here.


And if you need any more convincing, here's a vid with all the cool trailers from the bundle in one. Our personal favourites are Ballpoint Universe and Major Mayhem, so much fun!


 Why we do these bundles

I know a lot of devs are against these bundles because they devalue games selling them at like 10c a copy, and for some games that's a fair comment. But our game has just been sitting on Greenlight forever, not selling. It didn't really make much of a splash at launch. So these bundles are actually a great way just to get people seeing it, playing it, and we put the profit towards our next game. There's honestly nothing for us to lose on these bundles, so we love them. We just want people to play our stuff!

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