Blitz Smash - A Game of Love

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Hi lovelies,

Matt here trying to channel as much fire into my hobo gloved covered fingers as possible to write this. Now I'd like to tell you about a small passion project I've worked on to surprise my brother called Blitz Smash and how it's grown in the ways of love.



Major Announcement: Fatal Theory GREENLIT for Steam!!

Category: New Releases

Kicking off 2015 with some big and wonderful news: Fatal Theory was GREENLIT for Steam! You may have seen me or my brother announce it on twitter about a fortnight ago, but I decided to hold off on posting it up here until I had time to pair the announcement with some sexy sexy analysis of the Steam Greenlight process: our stats, what worked for us, and where I think Steam is poised to head based on watching them very carefully over the past year.



Come see us at PAXAUS!

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Holy sweet mercy, PAXAUS is only TWO WEEKS AWAY! That's both terrifying and exciting for us, but hopefully for you it just means HYPE! We've been coding up a storm back at 2 Hit Studio headquarters and the game is really starting to take shape, and now...



Fatal Theory in a Lazy Guys Bundle!

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Want Fatal Theory dirt cheap? Then today's your lucky day, because you can nab it for $2.99 alongside FIFTEEN other games! Putting the gain in bargain. Get it right here.



2 Hit Studio confirmed for PAXAUS, unveiling a NEW [old] GAME!

Category: New Projects

It’s official! from OCT 31 to NOV 2 later this year, Matt and I are jetting down to Melbourne to exhibit at Australia’s most wicked (statistically proven) expo, which means loads of exposure, getting a huge crowd to play our game, and getting to talk to press up close and personal. It's a huge opportunity for a tiny studio! And we’re got something extra special in store for it...




Category: New Releases

Fatal Theory Poster Art by Matt Carr

Okay, so it’s been a long time since we updated here, we've got a little catching up to do.



BIG Announcement: Fatal Theory takes on Steam Greenlight!

Category: Announcements

So here it is, after all our hard work. Fatal Theory’s all grown up and ready to take on the world, starting with Steam Greenlight. This article is an honest reflection of our experiences there, and how it’s been trying to release our first game in general.



ANNOUNCEMENT: FATAL THEORY ENTERING CLOSED BETA! Plus release plans and regular updates

Category: New Releases

So we’ve been talking about releasing this bad boy for awhile, saying words like “soon” and “shortly,” but I’d like to announce that we’ve finally set some hard deadlines! The game will enter a closed-beta on the 15th of February, otherwise known as IN FIVE DAYS TIME!



FT joins Anime IndieBundle

Category: Sales

We were contacted by IndieBundle.org to join their Anime Bundle during August for a September launch. Naturally we were stoked!

So whats in the pack? Well if you pay $5 you get the top 3 games in there:

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