Fatal Theory Dev Log

What's in the Works

So Matt and I still haven’t had the chance to get together to discuss everything on the agenda, but that’s not to say we haven’t been busy!

Here’s a couple of changes we’ve made to Fatal Theory in the last week:


  • Animation Speed – Matt upped the animation speed across the board, and boy did it make the game a more enjoyable experience. One of the main complaints we had play testing was that for a side scrolling fighter, it was pretty slow. So now the game is much more responsive and it just feels cooler already. Really glad this was brought to our attention and an easy fix.
  • Aerial Combat – Attacks in the air now maintain player control, so you can be more accurate and it’s actually worthwhile to jump. Additionally, landing a hit in the air gives you a little upwards boost, so it’s now much easier to chain together long aerial combos!

And here’s what we’re working towards in the upcoming week, both inside and outside the game:

  • Smoother Animations – We’re talking about me taking on a more hands-on role with the pixel art, working as an ‘inbetweener’ while Matt tweaks the code. That basically involves adding more frames to the animations, especially in the player sprites (because if you want anyone to look great, it’s the guy whose gonna be on screen at all times right?) I’ll make a post about this when I begin work on it proper.
  • More Zombie Sprites
  • Becoming an Actual Company – For some reason I thought this would be as easy as registering for an ABN. Boy was I wrong. This really deserves its own post too.
  • Manning a Booth at Supanova – This is why we need the ABN, but we’re doing a little creative problem solving to make it work. And — you guessed it — I’ll write more on this as it unfolds.

Bit by bit everything is coming together. Next week is Uni break for me, so I’m looking forward to getting a lot done.

Happy Easter long weekend!

- Adam

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