Fatal Theory Dev Log

Monday Weekly Update: One week to release!

We’ve been so busy lately it’s hard to even know where to start with an update. But the two main things you need to know are that a) we’ve been working round the clock to implement the changes our beta testers wanted to see and b) we’re still gunning it for a February release!

So let’s take a look at some of the changes we’ve made.


Players reported problems with using Xbox 360 controllers with the game, so I picked up a shiny new controller myself (we’d previously only tested with PS3 controllers) and set to testing it. At first we thought it had to do with Xinput and Dinput, but actually we were just polling the analogue sticks a million times a second and taking each read of “stick is depressed” as an individual input. In other words, it was spazzing out. But we fixed it! So the game is now gamepad friendly.


Last week we linked to a vid of Vlambeer’s design tips on how to make your game feel cooler to play. We’ve been putting a few of them in practice and it already feels way better. We’ve added more intense screen shaking, dust particles, better run animations, and a baseball slide with more on the way. Check it out!

I’ve also been animating some bigger explosions, because honestly, who doesn’t want bigger explosions??


Finally, the last of the ally characters are done. Meet Andy, a story character…

And Nikola, the last of the awesome supporters who paid to appear in the game.


  • Made the in-game UI cooler (fixed GO arrow, remade health bars, now show special commands under rage bar)
  • Made the key mapping easier/more intuitive to use
  • Rebalanced enemy attacks
  • Some players felt the game threw them into the deep end and didn’t realise they could do some stuff, so we added these billboards to help them along


So this is it, hopefully, the last update before our game hits the markets. There’s still an insane amount to do in that time, Matt is putting finishing touches on the game while I’m making the website, writing a presskit and press releases, and reaching out to other platforms to hopefully sell it from. I’ll be putting together a release trailer soon too.

So wish us luck wreckers, and see you on the other side!

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