Fatal Theory Dev Log

Monday weekly update: Fatal Theory BETA out, feedback in

So we've officially sent out our beta off to our awesome group of testers and feedback is coming trickling in!

We're still waiting on some of it, but the message so far is pretty clear: the game isn't as close to being release-worthy as we were hoping. It needs more polish. But we're taking it in our stride, listening to the feedback from all our players and seeing it as an opportunity to make the game as cool as it can be.

The two major places that need work are the controller support, and the general feel of the game.


It's a little bit abstract, the term feel, but the tester who flagged it linked us to the following talk by one of the Vlambeer guys.


If you don't have time to watch it, it's basically a clip of 30 little tips to increase the impact of actions performed by the player. Shake the screen, add bassy sounds, nozzle flares and explosions so on. It gets pretty over the top with random explosions and triple machine guns, but we happen to love over the top things, so we've compiled a list of ways to make our game cooler. Here's a quick look:

  •  Dial the screen shake up a few notches
  • Add tiny pauses when you hit enemies and a slightly longer pause when enemies to die
  • Add dust clouds on player running, jumping etc.
  • A combo feedback system
  • Screen transitions and general UI changes to make things a little less static

Here's an updated healthbar UI I've proposed to Matt:

Fatal Theory Screenshot

Gamepad support

The second big piece of feedback we've had has been about the gamepads. I don't know the technical mumbo jumbo but something about 360 controllers using xinput rather than dinput and SDL not having excellent wrappers for xinput... Long story short, 360 gamepads don't interface well with the game, and since it's a game you definitely want good gamepad support for, that's something we need to get to the bottom of. So I'll pick up a new 360 controller tomorrow and Matt will get cracking at coding a solution.

We'll get there yet wreckers, let us know what you think of the new UI in the comments below!

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