Fatal Theory Dev Log

Fatal Theory Update: New Pixel Art Timelapse and a sad sad ghost

Here at 2 Hit Studio we don’t play by the rules! We establish a weekly routine of updating on Mondays then BAM! Update on a Tuesday, just to keep you on your toes. We’re a goddamn rollercoaster ride of thrilling unpredictability!

But yeah sorry, I totally missed yesterday’s update. It was for a good cause though: I’ve been preparing a little surprise for one of our friends and biggest supporters of this project. Me and this guy go way back, went through uni together and even had our own Let’s Play channel for awhile. He is honestly just the most upbeat and enthusiastic dude you’ll ever meet, a really positive friend to have all round.

So I decided to repay him the best way I knew how...



That’s right! I condensed him into tiny pixel form, stuck a sledgehammer in his hands and made him ready to rock the world of Fatal Theory! And not only that, but along your travels you’ll pick him up as an ally so he can be right there beside you in battle, the way he was right there beside us battle to get this game made!

So thanks Harry, you’re a champ and I wish you all the best in Melbourne.

Okay, so what else have we been working on?


Matt told me to come up with an ally to put into the game instead of the Fat Zombie (who was just really confusing because he looked exactly like an enemy) so I came up with this little guy. He’s a ghost who follows you around and cries just like… all the time… And attacks using a drill that comes out of his mouth. Why? Well, I don’t know, I just felt like it. And since this is the game where ‘I just felt like it’ is a guiding design principle, it fits right in.


Other than that, I’ve been editing all the game’s dialogue again (hopefully for the last time) and Matt’s been pumping out some art, but I’ll show you that next week. We’ve also been throwing the words release, beta and deadline around, so shortly I’ll have some big announcements to make. Patience, amigos. It will be worth the wait.

And until then, let us know what you think in the comments! Adios wreckers!

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