Fatal Theory Dev Log

Monday Update: Website features, new backgrounds and allies!

First of all, have you noticed all the little improvements I’ve been making to the site in the past couple of weeks?

We now have tweets from both Matt and I on display, follow us icons down the bottom, share buttons on every page, a comment section, RSS feed and updated image slider on the front page. Nifty huh? Give it all a try! I’d like to know it’s all working fine.

Of course, still using the default Joomla favicon and the 2 Hit logo is just as heinous as ever, but soon, soon my pretties.

Now let’s talk Fatal Theory!

Updates for Monday 20/1/2014

New Backgrounds

You may remember this pixel art timelapse Matt made a couple of weeks ago showing off the spritesheet for the game’s final boss Lilith. Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve now got her fully implemented and ready to rock! I personally love the background Matt concocted for this epic final showdown, it's majorly cool.

And here’s a redux of an earlier, especially lazy background I did myself.

Not sure how to mix things up? Clouds. Always clouds.

Sometimes when we’re in a hurry to push a lot of content we just jam in some art as a placeholder and hope to get back to it sooner or later, like what happened here. Sometimes we never find the time to get back to it though. Fun fact: Nick and all of his initial animations were never meant to be used in the final game. I only learnt this a couple of days ago! Matt just made them so he could test the fighting engine, and eventually just ran with it. Crazy right? Just goes to show how little planning we do on our projects (for better or worse).

New Ally

Two weeks ago I showed some pixel art of a guy who’d paid to be in the game and mentioned there were others – here’s one now! We took this photo of his face, ran it through our Fatal Theory Pixelerator (patent pending), and it came out looking like this:

Kyle shrunk to fun-size

The Fatal Theory Pixelerator being another name for me of course, who did it all by hand.  One more box ticked for the February release! 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments :)

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