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NEW FATAL THEORY BOSS – Meet Giancarlo, the wine fiend

They say everyone has their demons yeah? Well this guy’s no exception, he likes to drink probably a little more than is healthy and he also takes contracts to murder people more than is strictly good for the average person. But hey, don’t worry about it, he’s old enough to make his own decisions.

Although his backstory isn’t really discussed in the game, he’s a high-profile hit man with a reputation in the underworld for dispatching his targets with brutal efficiency. They say that to have a man named Giancarlo offer you a drink is to die, so naturally other men sharing his name are unfairly shunned in underworld drinking circles.

He holds a seemingly infinite number of spirits in his wine bottle, which he controls and uses to execute his prey. Where the spirits came from and how he came to control them is completely unknown, as are his origins, motives and natural eye colour beneath those stylin’ shades. Basically this dude is mysterious as fuck. And dangerous. And who would wind up with a price tag on their head but Nick Mayhem, our lovable protagonist?

When Matt told me I could (actually, I’m pretty sure he used the words had to) design a boss character for Nick to fight, the idea of this super laid back guy telling Nick about the benefits of relaxation jumped into my head. Why? Because asking Nick to be zen is like asking me to borrow a dollar – it’s just not gonna happen. So their dialogue was heaps of fun to write. And when it came time to design him visually, well, I’ve never been great at character design so uh... when you’re showing your friends the game and they all start saying “hey this guy looks like The Dude from The Big Lebowski!” just do what I do! And casually change the subject.

And here, check it: this is super awesome concept I sent Matt of what I wanted him to look like:

Pretty much good enough to put straight into the game, right?

And this is how he fucked it up:

What rookie artist made this?!

 Sarcasm aside though, I love what he was able to do with that pic. Kudos bro!

You can fight Giancarlo in the latest build of Fatal Theory, which is pre-selling now on Desura!

Fatal Theory

- Adam


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