Fatal Theory Dev Log

Concept to Pixels: Check out this new Fatal Theory Boss!

So in Fatal Theory, Nick eventually has to battle a giant robot. Naturally, I mean what sort of video game doesn't have giant robot battles! (the answer is lame ones). It was concepting time and once I was happy, time to pixel.

If you look through my newest posts on my other website you'll find my Minotaur concept, a good portion of this design and colouring is based on that guy. This robo has other influences, like the Gunmen from Gurren Laggan and the Ride Armours Mega Man can drive in Mega Man X. The big hands are for punching! The cockpit is stupidly large, but its that size because it reminded me of the Pink Lobster cockpit in Gunstar Heroes which could fit 2 people.

Can't wait to show you guys this dude smashing Nick in story mode.


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