Fatal Theory Dev Log

Fatal Theory: Video Reviews & Desura & Updates!

Hey All,

Its been awhile since we've spoken about Fatal Theory (thanks to work life and my new baby), but we have lots to report! We threw FT up onto IndieDB so we could get it prepped on there for a Desura launch, which is going well! But also to get feedback, and since we've put it up we've had 2 video reviews of our demo and a written review.


First review we had was by a man going by the name of Doosloo. Its a full demo play through and is totally worth watching because he voice acts all of the dialogue scenes in the game -which is awesome! We loved it, so check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUG-_xy5gxs


After that, we got hit up by Aaron McArthur to both write and video a review. I thoroughly encourage you to read the review because I believe Aaron is a very well written reviewer. He is straight to the point but it does not feel rushed. Check it out here: http://fairplaygaming.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/indev-spotlight-fatal-theory-by-2hit.html

After that, he went to make a video review also. He had a few screen size issues, so we shipped him the version we are releasing on Desura in the next few days. So check it out for a sneak peak of a few changes/upgrades: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdhvneq8epA



So what has changed on FT in the past... I can't even remember when we told you about things last. Well the game has more damage effects, enemies have been tweaked (especially the tank, its way more bad ass now), clean up the UI and also have it you regenerate Fury constantly, so you can slam out tonnes more special attacks.

Pixel wise, the next 2 weapons Nick can use are done and ready to be put into the game. There are 3 new enemies, the Hell Bat thing and Hell Fiends(male and female) and a new ally, a kitten. Soon these will rigged up and put into the game. Most excellent!

To Come!

Well our game launches for alpha funding on Desura in the next 3 days! So please show your support and pre-order or buy it on release. 

Desura Digital Distribution

Once some money comes in from either freelance web dev work or the game itself, we have big plans to make the official site for this game. Ever wanted to be pixeled up and put into a beat-em-up game? This is one of the services we're thinking of rigging up on the site.

As always, we welcome reviews, feedback, suggestions and anything else you want to throw at us. 



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