Fatal Theory Dev Log

General Purpose Update

Been a little slow round here since Supanova, even the tumbleweeds seem to be rolling in slow motion. That was one stressful weekend and we’re having a little time off. Doesn’t mean we’re not working at all though!


  • Matt has been hard at work fixing a bug some of you may have encountered at Supanova, where the game would spontaneously crash at the completion of one of the levels. Rest assured, it’s days are numbered.
  • I’ve been looking at making a new website. This one’s a little too bare, a little too textual for my liking. You people come here because you want INTERACTIVE entertainment, right?? Not blocks of text. I’m working on it.
  • AND WE’RE GEARING UP FOR iFEST! More on this soon.

Other than that, Matt’s being ground to the bone at his work and freelancing on the side, and I’ve been out and about scoring myself some freelancing and an internship in the editing world, as well as waging epic war against Centrelink. Trying to satisfy those secondary priorities like eating, paying rent, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Don’t worry though, the game is always firmly set in the centre of our ironsights.


- Adam


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