Fatal Theory Dev Log

Mission POZIBLE!

So first off I have to apologise for not posting any updates in a month — a whole month! Where did that time go! Well, Matt’s started a new full-time job, and I’m in my final session of university, so I guess it just slipped to the wayside. Updates will be more constant from here on out. And don’t worry, I am slapping myself on the wrist as I type (with great difficulty).


So first on the agenda:



$1025 raised towards the development of Fatal Theory, thanks to 21 very, VERY generous supporters! So a great big thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal and made this game possible.

For those unfamiliar with the campaign, the money will go towards (or rather, has already gone towards, this post being so heinously late) the following:

  • Paying our freelance sound & music producer, Jamie.
  • Any future marketing/promo material costs (such as art prints, posters, shirts, etc.)
  • Helping us pay our way to Supanova, where we hope to greatly expand our reach.

And whilst having money for all these things is great, what’s even better is knowing that 21 people outside ourselves believe in this project enough to put money behind it! It’s hugely inspiring to see, and to anyone who has supported us I would like to issue the following promise: we will deliver. Oh baby, will we ever.

So that’s all for now, soon I’ll be uploading some art prints Matt has whipped up (or you can jump over to our facebook page for a sneak peak) and writing a report on how we made our Pozible campaign successful and how we could have done it better, so check back for more.

- Adam out!

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