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We're ALL ABOUT Lists!

That’s right. We love to list and list to… love? Well moving on, Matt and I finally got around to meeting to talk about the changes that needed to be made to Fatal Theory post-play testing. We made to-do lists! Here’s what they look like:



  • Sound – this is a big one. The game won’t really be satisfying until you can hear the mayhem you’re causing. In all likelihood this is going to involve the 2 Hit Team wailing into a bag of fruit next to a microphone and if it comes to that, which I for one hope it does, we promise to video record it.
  • UI - We need to add the “GO ->” arrow to tell the player to keep moving once they’ve killed everything on screen. We’ll make the combo counter more obvious/impressive. We’ll also add a damage multiplier that will increase with your combo. The ‘special bar’ down the bottom currently isn’t very self-explanatory in terms of function and when you can execute abilities, so we’ll revamp that too.
  • More attacks for baseball bat + chainsaw blade – Currently the weapons level up with experience, but it doesn’t actually do anything just yet. We’re working on new special attacks to unlock.
  • Animation tweaks
  • More zombie types!


  • Actually, this one is kind of long… Let’s just stick to the short term goals for now.


  • Added a dialogue skip button – because who likes to read, right?
  • Fixed Nick’s ability to fly – believe it or not, at the beginning of the week there were not one but three different ways to fly in FT.
    1. The ‘Marty McFly’ – If you double tap a direction in the air, you perform an aerial dash. The way the code was set up was that you’d get a little upwards boost when you did, rather than falling, meaning you could dash indefinitely and slowly gain altitude.
    2. The ‘Roflcopter’ – Swinging the baseball bat in the air also gave you a small upwards bounce, so swinging repeatedly kept you afloat. Named the roflcopter because it looked like Nick was using the bat as a rotor blade, which might actually be kind of cool… if it were even slightly intentional.
    3. The ‘Magic Carpet’ – Performing a vertical attack bounced both you AND the enemy into the air, at which point you could hit them a second time and get an additional boost, and so on. The net result was that you could effectively ride enemies to the heavens, dealing massive damage. And if they died? Hey, no problem! You could just keep riding their corpse.

- Adam

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