Starslinger Kings Dev Log

Weekly Update - Starslinger Kings gets new inputs, new missiles, new sniper rifles!

Howdy wreckers, welcome to the Monday weekly update! (On a Thursday, because I suck). Today I've got a lot of cool Starslinger Kings development progress to show off. We're going to be playing catch up, because I did a few months of development before I started these updates, so we've got a bit of a backlog to dive into.

First of all though, an apology to anyone who read my last post and was expecting this update to come LAST Monday. A couple of things got in the way last week: 1) my gaming rig literally fucking exploded and 2) I had to work an absurd amount of overtime at my day job. So my schedule got pretty well demolished, but no worries, we're back on track!

Let's get to it. Here's the lowdown on what's been happening with SSK:

Keyboard and Mouse Inputs, Remappable Gamepad Controls

Of all the features I've been working on, this has been the big one. When we released the PAXAUS 2015 demo, all we had was a control scheme for Xbox 360 controllers because that's just what we had players using on the day. We put that demo up because we told fans at the convention we would, but it never served a good number of players who stumbled on the game online.

Now I'm happy to say I'm rectifying that.

It was a LOT of work, but I've added these two big features: the ability to play with keyboard and mouse, and the ability to remap every input, whether mouse or gamepad. Accessibility is important to us, so I've meticulously made the control mapping as open as possible. I'm hoping this will smash the barriers for a lot more players to try the game!

When I've wrapped up work on a couple of other features, then I'll be pushing out a new demo with this update in it. I'm not sure when exactly that will come because my schedule is chaos at the best of times, but I'd estimate in the next two weeks.

Cooler Sniper Rifles

The sniper rifle was always an interesting weapon – it has a low ammo clip, is slow to shoot, but is extremely powerful dealing penetrative damage. What made it particularly interesting was that the penetrative damage applied to the environment too, so you could actually just hide behind walls and shoot enemies through them.

Well I didn't love that. It turned what was supposed to be a high risk, kinda expert weapon into a cheap shooter. A coward's gun!! I could not abide.

So I've made some tweaks. It now packs a fucking punch, and rather than bullets sliding through walls, it just eats holes in them. It makes it SO much more satisfying to use, and I'm very happy with it overall.

Better Missile Tracking

When I was rewriting the entire game's physics to be more modular for PAXAUS 2015, I accidentally ruined the missile seeking and didn't realise until it was too late to fix. Instead of turning in a wide circle and doubling back when they went past the player, they would instead just... come to a complete stop. In mid air. And then turn around on the spot and jet back at you.

It was very unpredictable, hard to dodge, and felt cheap to take damage from.

So I've made them awesome again. I fine tuned them to the perfect acceleration and turning speed to be really fun to duck and weave. Predictable turning circles are good when it comes to projectile seeking patterns in games like this, because the challenge shouldn't be in outsmarting them, it should be in outsmarting a swarm of them (and everything else going on at the time).


Demo Out Soon

Although that's not a complete list of what's coming, I think that's where I'll leave you this week wreckers. And although I mentioned it up there, just in case you breezed through looking at the gifs and didn't read any of the words I put here – yes, there's a demo coming probably in the next couple of weeks that will have all of this in it, so dust off your favourite mech parts and WATCH THIS SPACE.


- Adam Carr (@2HitAdam)

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