Starslinger Kings Dev Log

Starslinger Kings Robo Animations

So the heat is sweltering here in Australia and we're still working hard at our OUYA Create entry. I can tell you, it's exhausting work.

Matt's been working at the main bot animations, they're still a work in progress, but I want to show off that progress here!


The kicks on this one were too sudden so I asked for more frames between, which led to...

Which was a bit smoother, closer to what I wanted. But I did notice he was tapping his toe bringing that front leg down, and that was a bit fancy so...

I was happy with these legs! But then noticed the back arm was a bit jaggy, and so...

And voila! Our little robot runs. As you can see it's a pretty finicky thing to get right, and in truth it still isn't perfect, but it's close enough and we're on a tight time limit and need to move on (besides, if I ask Matt to do any other tiny changes in this heat I think he'll walk out on me haha), so this is us for the OUYA Create.

For more information on Starslinger Kings, click here!

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