Fatal Theory

Exercise your carnage muscle by smashing through huge hordes of unlovable fiends and take your crummy city back from the forces of hell!


Blitz Smash

Blitz Smash is a procedurally generated run and gun game. Mix and match bullet types to modify your weapon and find all the secret bosses!


One Heart

Paint the walls w/ the blood of your friends in One Heart, the one hit kill arena brawler!


Free Games

The Coop Times

A browser game by Adam where you play as a journalist, racing a deadline to deliver stories to the esteemed newspaper, The Coop Times.

Let the deadline overtake your writing? You’re fired! No exceptions, no excuses.

All stories written in the game are published automatically to an online archive of The Coop Times under the name you provide at the beginning of the game, but feel free to use a fake one! 12,600 stories have been submitted at the time of writing.


* (probably NSFW, I gave up trying to screen the bad stuff long ago)

Linebreak Collective

I made this game while I was running a creative studio called Linebreak Collective that aimed to combine coding and writing to make weird and interesting hybrid projects. I tried to turn it into a collaborative space but it turned out to be a fairly niche interest. This project did really well though! I launched it by projecting it up on the walls and calling brave participants up to play. It made a good party game. It also garnered a lot of press. Turns out journalists can't help playing a game about journalism.


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