Fatal Theory

Exercise your carnage muscle by smashing through huge hordes of unlovable fiends and take your crummy city back from the forces of hell!


Blitz Smash

Blitz Smash is a procedurally generated run and gun game. Mix and match bullet types to modify your weapon and find all the secret bosses!


One Heart

Paint the walls w/ the blood of your friends in One Heart, the one hit kill arena brawler!


Free Games

Ice Box

Matt made Ice Box during the Ludum Dare 30 jam - Connected Worlds.

"Aug 25th: This game sums up the last 8 months of work for me. Isolated in my office, freezing to death to try and earn enough money to get my family by. Spending time with them whenever possible or going to the beach to stay sane.

Now it can be your struggle too!"

Download free from itch.io

How To Play

Spacebar - interact

Arrows - move around

Aim: Earn a lot of money, by working at the computer.

Catch: Your office is freezing to work in!

Press space to interact with things in each room. Talking to family will increase your interest, going to beach will increase heat, eating will increase hunger which staves off heat loss. Drinking? You find out.

Let your heat drop to zero and you die. Try to do as much work as possible at the computer before the time runs out, earn them cash dollars!


Let me know how much money you make! :D @2HitMatt

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