Fatal Theory

Exercise your carnage muscle by smashing through huge hordes of unlovable fiends and take your crummy city back from the forces of hell!


Blitz Smash

Blitz Smash is a procedurally generated run and gun game. Mix and match bullet types to modify your weapon and find all the secret bosses!


One Heart

Paint the walls w/ the blood of your friends in One Heart, the one hit kill arena brawler!


Free Games

Shark Cull 2014

Manage your crew, upgrade your ship and shoot an army of sharks FOR AUSTRALIA.

In 2014 I was ANGRY about the GOVERNMENT killing NICE SHARK GUYS and I made THIS GAME about it. This was my bitter protest game, where I was imagining a world where sharks were actually a legitimate enough threat that they were worth spending money to go out and shoot with guns (yes, they were doing this).


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In Shark Cull 2014 you get to throw together a crew and pit them against an onslaught of leaping sharks hellbent on the destruction of humanity. It's part resource/capital management, part CLICK TO SHOOT THE FUCK OUT OF EVERYTHING ON THE SCREEN. Really there's something for everyone. Except maybe the shark people among us.

This game was made during a 72hr Ludum Dare jam and polished a little ways afterwards.


This game was weirdly inspired by a dream I had, where Matt had made a 2D fighting game where each player stood on their own raft in the middle of the ocean and tried to paddle over to each other to beat each other up. One of the characters this great big heavy dude, kinda like E. Honda, and if you hovered over him in the character select screen his raft would break apart and he'd drown and you'd get a game over. I thought it was the greatest thing, a game over in the character select screen. So if you put too many guys on your boat in this game, it'll sink. And you can still launch the mission. You just lose immediately. You even get a special little message for it, I think.

The unfortunate reality about this game

Is everyone told me I made it so fun to shoot the sharks the message was completely lost. You can read about it here.

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